Bangladesh NID Smart Card Schedule 2023


Bangladesh’s National Identity (NID) Smart Card is an essential document for its citizens, providing a robust means of identification. Besides being used for identification, this microchip-encased document offers protection from identity theft. Furthermore, banking, e-commerce, and government services can all be made more convenient using it; further promoting its adoption into daily life transactions while moving the country toward becoming a digitalized society.

2023 Distribution Schedule Announcement

We are pleased to present the 2023 NID Smart Card distribution schedule. Beginning January 1st and varying depending on each region’s distribution cycle (Dhaka residents first), Chittagong/Sylhet divisions then follow (February 1-28, 2023), etc. Distribution should wrap up on December 31st with details about exact dates/collection centers communicated through local governing bodies or our official NID Smart Card website.

The Concept of NID Smart Card

Bangladesh recently unveiled an innovative form of identity verification – The National Identity (NID) Smart Card – as an advanced method to protect an individual’s personal, biometric, and demographic data. This credit-card-sized document houses a microchip that securely stores its user’s unique, biometric, and demographic details. Information contained within a passport includes its holder’s name, date of birth, sex, blood group, address, photograph, fingerprint, and signature. Thanks to intelligent technology’s fast, accurate, and secure data retrieval capability, accessing it becomes more rapid, simpler, and safer when dealing with various institutions – be they public or private. As an effective ID method, the NID Smart Card protects citizens against identity theft and digital security issues. Furthermore, its use promotes an active digital lifestyle, with services including digital payments, e-commerce, and e-governance offered via its many functions.

Features and Benefits of NID Smart Card

The NID Smart Card is an extraordinary technological marvel, packed with features and benefits designed to make life simpler and safer for Bangladeshis. One such benefit is an embedded microchip that securely stores personal, biometric, and demographic data, allowing accurate verification of an individual’s identity quickly and reducing chances of fraud or identity theft.

However, the NID Smart Card serves more than simply as an identification tool; it also acts as a digital wallet, making digital transactions simple and contributing towards cashless society initiatives in our country. Not only does this save time, but it reduces physical cash-carrying requirements, thereby providing increased financial safety.

NID Smart Cards provide another critical benefit of e-governance, providing citizens with online access to various government services without needing to visit physical offices for service delivery. Citizens can utilize this convenience from tax payments and license renewals – making bureaucratic processes less intimidating!

NID Smart Cards help promote digital inclusion; even those without internet access or smart devices can leverage its digital services through this card, providing convenient digital lifestyle integration. Thus, the NID Smart Card goes beyond being just an identity document; it serves as the ticket to digital inclusion for those living their daily lives with limited digital connectivity.

The Distribution Process

The NID Smart Card distribution process has been carefully planned to ensure smooth and efficient rollout across Bangladeshi citizens. Each region’s distribution will occur through designated collection centers such as local government offices or community centers.

Citizens will be informed in advance by local governing bodies and the NID Smart Card website of their collection date for a new NID Smart Card. On that date, individuals should bring their old NID card (if any) and proof of residence to collect it.

As soon as you arrive at the collection center, your existing data will be verified before being asked to submit fingerprints and photos using advanced biometric data collection instruments that ensure data accuracy and integrity.

Once your data collection process is complete, an NID Smart Card will be printed and embedded with your information on-site, then distributed directly to you after passing all necessary checks. This process ensures maximum security and privacy protection of sensitive personal information.

To ensure a smooth process, citizens are asked to follow the schedule and come prepared with all required documents. Help desks will also be at each collection center if needed.

Stages Involved in the Distribution of the NID Smart Card

The distribution of the NID Smart Card involves several key stages:

  1. Notification: Citizens are notified of the distribution schedule via local governing bodies and the official NID Smart Card website. This information includes the collection date and location.
  2. Preparation: Upon receiving the notification, individuals must prepare the necessary documents, including their old NID card (if applicable) and proof of residence.
  3. Arrival at Collection Center: Individuals should arrive at the designated collection center with the required documents on the selected collection date.
  4. Data Verification: Staff at the collection center will verify individuals’ existing data using their old NID card and proof of residence.
  5. Biometric Data Collection: After verification, biometric data, including fingerprints and a photograph, will be collected using advanced biometric data collection instruments.
  6. Card Production: Once data collection is complete, the NID Smart Card is printed and embedded with the individual’s data on the spot.
  7. Card Collection: The NID Smart Card is handed over to the individual after necessary checks.
  8. Assistance: Help desks are available at all collection centers to assist individuals who may need help throughout the process.

Following these stages, the NID Smart Card distribution process is carried out efficiently, carefully considering individuals’ data security and privacy.

2023 Distribution Schedule

The 2023 NID Smart Card distribution schedule has been carefully orchestrated to ensure an orderly and timely rollout. Each region’s plan will be detailed on this website, as will specific dates for distributions in each locale. Below is a general outline of this year’s schedule:

  1. January to March: Initial rollout to major cities such as Dhaka, Chittagong, and Khulna.
  2. April to June: Distribution extends to other major towns and districts, including Rajshahi, Sylhet, and Barisal.
  3. July to September: The rollout continues to smaller municipalities and rural areas.
  4. October to December: Final distributions will occur for remote areas and individuals who may have missed their original distribution date.

Please be aware that this schedule is just a guideline; further announcements regarding specific dates in each region will be made once distribution begins.

Finding Your Distribution Date and Location

Determining the date and location for NID Smart Card distribution is easy. It will be communicated well in advance for preparation purposes. Official NID Smart Card Website: The official NID Smart Card website is a primary source of information for all citizens. It will host a detailed distribution schedule categorized by regions and dates. You can quickly locate your date and collection center by selecting your area or entering your old NID card number in the designated search box.

  1. Notifications from Local Governing Bodies: Local governing bodies will also disseminate the distribution schedule. You can expect to receive a notification letter with your collection date and location details. Alternatively, public notice boards in local government offices will display this information.
  2. Local Media: The distribution schedule will be publicized in local newspapers, radio, and television broadcasts. 

To ensure you get your collection date, it is advisable to consult these sources regularly. Should additional help be required, local government offices and collection centers have help desks available, ready to provide further assistance.

What to Bring on Collection Day

On your collection day, you must bring specific documents to verify your identity and expedite the process. Here is a list of required items:

  1. Previous NID Card: If you have an existing NID card, you must bring it along. The old card provides a reference point for the data verification process.
  2. Proof of Residence: This can be a utility bill, a rental agreement, or any other official document that indicates your current address. This is to confirm the locality details present on your NID card.
  3. Passport-sized Photographs: Even though a photograph will be taken at the center, bringing a few passport-sized photos of your own can be beneficial, just to be safe.
  4. Proof of Notification: This could be the physical letter of notification you received from your local governing body or a printout of the information from the official NID Smart Card website.
  5. Any Other Document as Instructed: In some cases, additional documents might be required. These would be clearly stated in your notification.
  6. Pen and Paper: These are needed to jot down vital information provided at the center.

Remember that completing this process relies heavily on accurate preparation and presentation of documents. Arriving without them could delay or even require rescheduling your appointment.

Tips and Reminders for the Collection Day

On the day of collection for your National Identification Document Smart Card (NID SMART Card), it’s wise to remember a few tips and reminders to ensure a successful experience.

  1. Arrive Early: Make sure to arrive at the collection center early. This will help you avoid long queues and allow ample time to complete the process.
  2. Check Your Documents: Before leaving your home, double-check your documents to ensure you have everything needed. It’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.
  3. Dress Appropriately: Wear clothing that easily captures your biometric data, particularly your face and fingers.
  4. Stay Calm: The process might take some time, especially with a high turnout. Stay patient and calm throughout the process.
  5. Follow Instructions: Pay close attention to instructions given by the officials at the collection center. This will aid in completing the process efficiently.
  6. Ask Questions: If uncertain, ask the officials or the help desk. They are there to assist you.
  7. Protect Your Card: Once you receive your card, check all the details immediately. Carry an envelope or a small protective case to store your card and protect it from damage.

Today is important, and these tips should help ensure it goes smoothly. Your ultimate goal should be obtaining an NID Smart Card as quickly as possible without hassles or delays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I miss my distribution date?

A: If you miss your original distribution date, you generally have an opportunity during the final phase of the distribution schedule (October to December). Additionally, you can contact your local government office for further guidance.

Q: Can someone collect the NID Smart Card on my behalf?

A: No, due to the need for biometric verification, it is mandatory for the rightful cardholder to be physically present at the time of collection.

Q: What if there are errors on my NID Smart Card?

A: If you notice any errors on your card, such as incorrect spelling or outdated information, report it immediately to the officials at the distribution center. They will guide you through the process of rectifying the errors.

Q: What should I do if I lose my NID Smart Card after collection?

A: If you misplace your NID Smart Card after collection, inform your local government office immediately. They will guide you on the steps to get a replacement card.

Q: Can I use my old NID Card after receiving the new Smart Card?

A: Once you receive the NID Smart Card, your old NID Card develops a disability. Please ensure to use only the new Smart Card for all official purposes.

Keep in mind that it is always better to raise queries or express concerns directly at a collection center; that way, staff there can offer swift and accurate assistance.

Steps to Follow If You Miss Your Distribution Date

If you miss your distribution date, don’t panic; procedures exist to accommodate such situations. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Contact Your Local Government Office: As soon as you realize you’ve missed your distribution date, immediately contact your local government office. They can guide what to do next.
  2. Wait for the Final Phase of Distribution: If you missed your original date, another opportunity to collect your NID Smart Card is during the distribution schedule’s final phase, typically between October and December.
  3. Request a Reschedule: Depending on your local government’s policies, you can request a reschedule of your collection date. It’s crucial to make this request as promptly as possible.
  4. Stay Informed: Keep an eye on local news outlets and the official NID Smart Card website for announcements about additional collection dates.
  5. Prepare for Next Time: Ensure you have all necessary documents ready and set reminders so you can attend the rescheduled or final phase distribution date.

Be mindful that it’s crucial to act swiftly if you miss your registration date to obtain the NID Smart Card without further delays.


The NID Smart Card is indispensable to everyday life, serving as an essential identification document with enhanced security features. It assists with verifying your identity in various situations. It offers access to multiple services, from government benefits to banking transactions – creating convenience and efficiency in every aspect of life. Furthermore, its legal status signifies your rights and responsibilities – making collecting and safeguarding it of equal importance as it stands as proof.

As citizens, we all are responsible for actively contributing to smoothing civic processes. Adherence to your NID Smart Card distribution schedule is one way we can do just that and contribute significantly to its efficiency; not only will you receive your card on time, but it can also help minimize overcrowding at collection centers. Remember, every action counts; punctuality can significantly enhance your experience and those around you – let’s do our part and stick to our schedules diligently so the process runs smoothly and hassle-free!

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