Bangladesh Planning Division Job Circular 2023


At RTHD, we invite all eligible candidates to seize this excellent opportunity to become part of our esteemed institution and join our dynamic team. Your unique perspectives and experiences can contribute to our continued growth and success, and we promise an enriching career experience here! Don’t hesitate – to apply for open positions at RTHD now; we look forward to reviewing them and potentially welcoming you as part of our team – best of luck!

Importance of the Planning Division to the Country’s Growth and Development

The Planning Division is integral to Bangladesh’s progress and development, setting strategic directions and priorities while aligning these with practical policy formulation. The capability of successfully coordinating, planning, and overseeing key projects directly affects a country’s development trajectory. By ensuring projects are implemented efficiently and in line with national priorities, the Planning Division optimizes resource usage, maintains economic stability, and fosters sustainable development. Furthermore, its overseeing and evaluating development programs ensures accountability and transparency – two essential ingredients of public trust necessary to create an investment-friendly environment and further drive economic growth.

Announcement of the New Job Circular for 2023

We are delighted to share the release of our 2023 Job Circular! Bangladesh Planning Division seeks passionate professionals committed to contributing to the nation’s development. Our departmental goals include filling various positions essential to the planning and executing strategic development programs.

This circular lists available positions, requirements, application procedures, and deadlines. Care should be taken to thoroughly read through job descriptions to fully grasp the responsibilities and qualifications required for each position before applying – we encourage all eligible individuals to do so!

Please be aware that Bangladesh Planning Division is an equal opportunity employer, valuing diversity and encouraging inclusivity as core principles in our team’s innovation and success. Applications from candidates from diverse backgrounds who share an enthusiasm for national development are welcome!

Application forms and instructions on submitting applications can be found on the Planning Division’s official website, along with details on when applications must be received. Applications submitted after this deadline will not be considered.

Join our mission of shaping Bangladesh’s future growth and development! We look forward to reviewing your applications.

Key Positions Currently Open

At this time, we are seeking applicants for several vital roles in our organization:

  1. Senior Economic Analyst: The incumbent will be pivotal in analyzing and interpreting economic data and formulating financial plans and policies.
  1. Project Manager: The Project Manager will oversee the implementation of various development projects, ensuring they are delivered on time within scope and budget.
  1. Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist: This role involves assessing the performance of various projects, identifying challenges, and suggesting improvements to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
  1. Planning Officer: The Planning Officer will be instrumental in developing strategic national plans, ensuring they align with the broader development goals of Bangladesh.

These positions provide experienced professionals with ample opportunities to contribute towards the sustainable growth of Bangladesh. Each role requires specific qualifications and expertise outlined in the 2023 Job Circular; we invite any interested or eligible individuals to submit applications as we work to promote Bangladesh’s sustainable future growth.

Number of Vacancies for Each Position

We are pleased to inform you of the following number of vacancies for each position:

  1. Senior Economic Analyst: We have 3 vacancies for this pivotal role. Candidates should possess a strong analytical ability and a deep understanding of economic trends and policies.
  1. Project Manager: We are looking to fill 4 positions of Project Manager. Applicants should have proven experience in project management and a track record of delivering projects on time and within budget.
  1. Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist: We seek to hire 2 specialists for this role. Candidates need to demonstrate experience in monitoring, evaluation, and performance management.
  1. Planning Officer: We have 5 vacancies for the position of Planning Officer. The role requires a sound understanding of strategic planning and the ability to align plans with national development goals.

Please be aware that these positions are full-time, and the successful candidates must work from our office in Dhaka. More details on job descriptions, qualifications, and application process can be found in our 2023 Job Circular.

Detailed Job Requirements

  1. Senior Economic Analyst: Candidates for this role should possess a Master’s degree in Economics or a related field from a recognized university. A minimum of 7 years experience in economic analysis or relevant work in the public or private sector is required. Exceptional analytical skills, proficiency in statistical software, and an in-depth understanding of financial modeling are vital to this role.
  1. Project Manager: Applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree in Management, Business Administration, or a related field. A Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is preferred. Candidates should have at least 5 years of experience in project management, with a proven record of managing and delivering large-scale projects on time and within budget.
  1. Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist: A Master’s degree in Development Studies, Statistics, or a related field is required. Candidates should have at least 5 years’ experience in monitoring and evaluation, preferably in a development project context. Proficiency in data analysis and report writing is essential, as is a strong understanding of result-based management and logic models.
  1. Planning Officer: Candidates for this position should have a Bachelor’s degree in Planning, Public Policy, or a related field. At least 3 years of experience in strategic planning or relevant work in the public or private sector is necessary. The role requires excellent problem-solving skills, the ability to develop strategic plans, and a broad understanding of national development goals.

Required Skills and Competencies

  1. Senior Economic Analyst: Apart from the academic and professional requirements, the ideal candidate should possess excellent analytical skills, strong written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to work collaboratively in a team environment. Familiarity with various economic models and interpreting complex data are also critical.
  1. Project Manager: The candidate should display strong leadership skills, excellent time management, and the ability to manage multiple projects concurrently. A deep understanding of project management principles and familiarity with software tools are also necessary.
  1. Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist: The successful candidate should be detail-oriented with a strategic mindset for practical project evaluation. Competencies in data analysis tools, report writing, and a deep understanding of performance measurement metrics are crucial.
  1. Planning Officer: The Planning Officer should possess excellent strategic thinking abilities, strong organizational skills, and a detail-oriented mindset. Proficiency in planning software tools and a clear understanding of national development goals are also crucial.

Please remember that we value honesty, commitment, and a solid dedication to national development in all these roles.

Application Process

To apply for any of the positions listed above, please visit our official website at and navigate to the ‘Careers’ section, where you will find our 2023 Job Circular listing. Choose an interest position before clicking ‘Apply Now’! You will be directed to an online application form where you must complete all required fields, attach your CV and any additional documentation as per requirements, and submit your application. Please ensure all the information you submit is accurate and complete, as incomplete or inaccurate applications may not be considered. If any issues arise during the application process, email bd******028@5*** for help; applications will only be accepted until the deadline specified in the job circular.

Required Documents for the Application

Submitting the following documents to complete your application process is mandatory:

  1. Updated CV/Resume: Your CV should include educational qualifications, work experience, skills, and references. It’s crucial that it is up-to-date and highlights your suitability for the role you are applying for.
  1. Cover Letter: This should briefly account for your professional background, why you are applying for the role, and how you believe you can contribute to our organization.
  1. Academic Certificates: We require copies of your educational certificates, starting from your highest degree to the school level.
  1. Identification Proofs: A copy of your national identification card, passport, or driver’s license.
  1. Professional Certificates: If you hold any professional certifications relevant to the role you are applying for, please include these.
  1. Work Experience Certificates: Please attach certificates from your previous employers highlighting your role, duration, and key achievements.
  1. Reference Letters: If available, reference letters from your previous employers or academic advisors can strengthen your application.

Please be aware that all documents should be uploaded in PDF format for easy uploading and scanning. Your data will remain strictly confidential and only used for recruitment processes.

Selection Process

Our selection process comprises multiple steps to determine whether candidates are suitable for their roles. First, our HR team will review applications and shortlist candidates who meet all minimum eligibility criteria. Depending on health advisories, shortlisted candidates will be invited for an initial in-person or remote interview. Based on their initial consultation, successful candidates will advance to the second stage, which may involve task-based assessments or further interviews tailored to this position. Finally, senior management may conduct a panel interview. Successful candidates will then be offered employment, subject to successful reference checks. Please be aware that the specific steps and stages may differ depending on the nature of the position being applied for; we will provide details at each step in this process.

Selection Process Timeline

Timelines for selection processes vary based on application volume and role requirements; here is an approximate timeline:

  1. Application Deadline: This is specified in the job circular on our official website.
  1. Shortlisting of Candidates: Approximately 1-2 weeks after the application deadline.
  1. Preliminary Interviews: Conducted roughly 2-3 weeks post the shortlisting.
  1. Task-based Assessments or Further Interviews: These will typically be scheduled within 1-2 weeks following the preliminary interviews.
  1. Final Panel Interview: Approximately 1 week after the task-based assessments or further interviews.
  1. Offer of Position: Successful candidates can expect to receive a job offer within 2 weeks of the final interview.

Please be aware that these timelines are indicative and may differ, with candidates kept up-to-date at every stage regarding the progress of their application.

Final Thoughts

Working for the Bangladesh Planning Division presents an exceptional and exciting opportunity to impact national development directly. In line with Vision 2021/2041 of Bangladesh, our dedicated team works tirelessly to shape policies and implement projects that foster sustainable economic growth and socio-economic advancement. Joining our team gives you access to working on diverse projects across a range of stakeholders while making meaningful, impactful changes on millions of lives around you – not to mention stimulating innovation, continuous learning, and professional advancement – creating an exciting, dynamic workplace!

Take this unique opportunity to join our dynamic team and contribute to Bangladesh’s national development. Though the journey won’t be easy, its professional and personal rewards far outweigh any difficulties that might arise along the way. By working alongside us, you will not only help shape the future of our nation but also open doors to exciting career prospects for yourself. So, if you are ready for a challenging yet rewarding experience while making a difference, apply now for one of our positions and join us in helping build an economically strong Bangladesh.

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